Map of Noosa Heads

Wet Weather Options: 
As you know there are many things we have control over in life, and some we don't. The weather is one of them. As much as we intend for the weather to be fine on your day, things can turn at the last minute and surprise us all.  So to ensure all areas are covered off, and no one is left in surprise or disappointment on your wedding day, we have come up with a few ideas to help alleviate any wet weather concerns.  Firstly, be flexible - there may be a window of opportunity either before your designated time or after when the wedding could take place - we can all closely watch the BOM radar and be ready to go when the coast is clear.  Your penthouse or accommodation might offer a lovely balcony with a view and could also be a suitable location.  The restaurant you have picked to share your celebration at may offer their facilities for the ceremony.  The Lions Park on Gympie Terrace offers a huge sheltered area with a backdrop of the Noosa River.  Quite suitable for small wedding events.  For more intimate elopements, Noosa Woods offers a few covered shelter areas also. The Rumba Bar, below Sails Restaurant is an intimate and divine space that could be arranged for your ceremony, or perhaps the Beach Club on Hastings showcases class and style in a relaxed environment.  The Sheraton Sunset Bar has a lovely outlook, is fairly quiet weekdays and is delightful as a wet weather venue.  All you need to know is that we have thought about your wedding, the weather, contingency plans and that we will always have you covered - no matter what.  In all the years I have been performing weddings in Noosa as a Celebrant, 87% of weddings go ahead outdoors and 13% end up using their wet weather back up option.  The odds are certainly in your favour.